Leigh + Rob | Antigua Guatemala Destination Wedding

Going to Guatemala always feels a little bit like going home.  Especially when it's to spend multiple days at a wedding with extraordinary people.  Leigh and Rob (aka 'LeRob') never stop laughing and it's totally infectious!  Their family and friends are full of life and love and they took us in as one of their own without hesitation.  As always, Antigua held up it's end of the bargain with good people, great weather, and Unesco World Heritage level beauty.  Check out the results of our 3 day adventure below - and please pardon the longer than usual blog post!


Oliver + Maricela - Punta Cana Wedding at Hard Rock Hotel

It doesn't happen often, but Kristiaan and I were guests at my cousin's wedding back in March. Though their wedding was totally rained out, it was an emotional and beautiful day that ended with an amazing party.  The images below were from the day-after session which we were lucky enough to get good weather and capture these two in great spirits. 

Enjoy some of our favorties below!

Ashley + James | Atlantis Resort Bahamas Wedding

Oh Bahamas, you were good to us. You gave us perfect weather, good laughs, phenomenal moments, epic dancing, crazy dancing and pigs, yes pigs.

Kristiaan and I arrived in Bahamas a few days before the wedding and to spend quality time with Ashley, James and all their guests by the pool, on the beach and evening events. We got a really great sense of the friendships and love between everyone and made some new friends along the way. The entire week was simply perfect hugely in part of Lindsey of Highland Avenue Planning & Design. She is amazing as a planner, but even more as a person! Big thanks to her and Kelley Cannon for making it so great!

We absolutely loved everything about their wedding day as it was filled with simple sweet moments and good fun. Though it was hot, we were lucky to have some good cloud cover that gave us a beautiful soft light, yet the sun would peek out at the right times. Ashley was purely elegant and James was the definition of distinguished. Their ceremony was emotional yet funny and light hearted. We had a blast running through the sand across the beach with little time to get portraits, but seriously Ashley's veil was to die for. Dinner and toasts were super sweet and the dancing was nothing short of amazing. It started really well for the reception and then the dancing got somewhat wild. After a short time it was on to the after party with an beautiful custom ice luge, some serious tunes by DJ Furze and some of the most fun dancing we've had in years. I mean serious sweat, getting low and plenty of friskiness.

A few days later we were lucky enough to be invited on a boat trip with Ashley and James to a small private island that had its own pigs...that swim in the ocean! It was something to experience and appreciate and we loved every moment and are so thankful to have had the opportunity.

Love you guys Ashley and James XOXO!

Vendors details:
Wedding planner: Lindsey Farrell at Highland Avenue Planning & Design
Hair & Makeup: The Weech Design Group
Florist: Wildflowers Events & Occasions
Caterer, Cake & Dessert: Atlantis Paradise Island Resort
Venue(s): Ocean Edge for ceremony and reception, Fathoms for after party, both located at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort
Design/Decoration: Lindsey Farrell at Highland Avenue Planning & Design
Music: DJ Furze
Ashley's Dress: Hayley Paige

And that was just the start of the night...

And then there were pigs...

Kate + James | Iceland wedding

Incredible. Unreal. Beautiful. Connected.

Kristiaan and I spent an incredible six days with Kate and James and their closest of people. We always preach to our couples that the people make the wedding. We are strongly drawn towards moments of meaningful connection on wedding days. We love capturing smiles that crinkle faces, hearty genuine laughs, hugs that look as good as they feel and tender exchanges that make you feel warm on the inside. This group gave us all that and more and would couldnt be more excited to share some of their images with you. 

Icelands visuals were unreal. Sometimes because they were so plain and vast, other times because it was other-worldly. We spent a full day with the group on Iceland Intro - Day Tours guided by the wonderful Gerda. The tour was followed up by a double rehearsal dinner, one for Kate and one for James that included recitals of Beowulf, trivia games, toasts, charades and plenty of hijinks. 

Their wedding day began rather rainy and gloomy but the sky deciding to clear as their ceremony started. We experienced sun, rain, extreme wind and waves that drove us off the beach during portraits.  Those amazing grey vertical rocks you see are from the Black Sand Beach near Vik in the South of Iceland. Though we didnt get to see the Northern lights due to overcast skies every night we did have plenty of time on the wedding day to get a great combo of epic and fun portraits with Kate and James. The evening culminated with a touching series of toasts followed by some epic dancing. We couldnt have asked for anything more, well maybe except the Northern lights :)

Enjoy a taste of Iceland below.

Vendor info
Hotel/Reception: Hotel Skogafoss
Ceremony beach: Black Sand Beach
Hair & Makeup: Shelby (friend of bride) 
Florist: ArtFire
Kate's Dress: San Patrick, used from Tradesy.com
Rings: http://www.gullkunst.is/en/
Bus Tour: Iceland Intro - Day Tours