Do you travel?

Yes and we love it! We've shot weddings in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Seattle, Mexico, Vermont, Florida and more. Contact us to find out more about nifty bonuses for our destination weddings.

Whats up with Time Travel Guaranteed?

Simple. The flux capacitor in our cameras combined with our ocular powers are designed to deliver images that take you back and help you re-live your wedding. 

How much do you cost? 

7-hour wedding day coverage with 1 photographer-Lionel and an assistant, starts at $3900.

10-hour wedding day coverage with Kristiaan and Lionel starts at $6200Contact us to find out about packages, a-la-carte options and more on what we offer.

Do you take family pictures during weddings?

Absolutely, please visit our gallery here

What is a 'first look' and should we do it?

A first look is when the couple has chosen to see each other before the ceremony. They usually do this so they can spend more time enjoying their guests after the ceremony, attend the cocktail hour, or simply have more time for portraits. It's not for everyone, but those who choose to do it have a quiet, intimate moment documented in the midst of a whirlwind day. In our experience it doesn't take away from the ceremony as couples still get emotional.

Can we send you a shot-list or images from Pinterest we like?

Yes and no. We provide a family portrait guideline so you can tell us what family formals you'd like. However, a check-list or recreation of another photographers work does not allow us to document your wedding naturally.

How long does it take to get our images?

We work as fast as we can, without sacrificing quality, to deliver your images. Weddings generally take 12-14 weeks, depending on whether or not it’s peak season. Engagement sessions generally take 3-4 weeks, again, depending upon our work load.

Can we see an entire wedding you've photographed?

Sure, have a look at one of our PixieSet galleries. We chose this wedding not only because its visually stunning but because it felt like being at our own wedding. Amazing family and friends and an easy going, happy, stress free day. Want to see more, just ask, we're happy to send other full weddings.

How many pictures do we get?

Depends how long and involved your wedding is. For a 3 day destination wedding you can expect anywhere from 1000-1400 images. For a local 10-12 hour wedding more like 600-800.

Can you recommend a ...Florist, DJ, Planner, Videographer etc?

Start with our Mad Love page, but we know many other great vendors. Just tell us what you're looking for and we can point you in the right direction. 

What equipment do you use?

We recently switched from Canon to Nikon for several reasons that may bore you. If interested click here. We're now using Nikon D750's and a slew of prime lenses with plenty of backup equipment. A katana is only as good as the ninja who wields it.

What if one or both of you are sick or unable to make our wedding?

We would have to be dying (or dead) to miss a wedding. It’s never happened, but in the event that one or both of us could not be there for some terrible reason, we have strong relationships with many excellent photographers both locally, and all over the country. We feel confident we would be able to get someone talented there to take care of you.

Who photographed your wedding?

Two amazing people, photographers and friends Davina and Daniel

Do you photograph anything else besides weddings? 

But of course. Visit our commercial site