Zehra + Reza | Cherry blossoms

We've know Zehra and Reza for  several years now. Zehra was one of the first people I photographed in studio and one of her beauty shots are still in my all time favorites. We also attended their wedding as a guests and it may have been our first wedding where we weren't photographers! 

Fast forward many years and many good times and we finally get a chance to photograph them. This is something we've been trying to plan for well over a year but little things like bad weather, traveling or what-have-you got in the way.

Zehra wanted blossoms and we wanted blossoms, but we didnt want the insane crowds of DC. So instead we visited a quite neighbor during the week and took advantage of its peace and calm. While it rained on us a bit it did not ruin out shoot.

Enjoy some of our favorites below!