anyka + ivan | wedding at mrs. k's tollhouse

From our gorgeous and ever so dynamic bride Anyka: "The wedding day was amazing! Things essentially went just as planned. We loved the first look! It definitely relaxed me and ensured we got our couple shots done ahead of time. I was very relaxed coming down the aisle and because I'd already seen Ivan, I was able to take in the joy of the moment and make eye contact with so many of our guests. I'll never forget that feeling. I'm also glad we got to take the group shot with all the guests! Once inside, everything went just as planned. When we sat down with you at our initial meeting, we emphasized how important it was for us to enjoy our wedding and have fun with our guests...we did just that! WE HAD A BLAST! We loved that you both joined the party and so many of our guests are still talking about how amazing you are and how they want to work with you in the future! It really did feel like we had two old friends photographing such a special day of our lives!"

Venue: Dress Designer: Catering, Cake etc:, Florist: Flowers by Susan: Hije7606 (at) verizon (dot) net Hair stylist/Salon: Egypt: Makeup Artist: Moni Ufomata: DJ/Music: DJ Roz


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